I was fortunate enough to meet Amanda through our financial adviser. As she said so correctly, we plan so well for retirement but we don’t tend to plan for death. Its a blunt statement to think about dying, but more important is the loved ones we are leaving behind. Amanda help us set up an estate plan that ensures our loved ones are taken care of when we’re gone. And I was surprised how much peace of mind this gives me. We were able to put things in place and protect our assets in a way that you just can’t do with a will. And knowing that there can be no fighting or legal challenges lets us know that our wishes will be fulfilled after we’re gone.
I highly recommend Amanda Vinton’s Law Firm if you are considering making these plans. And as someone who has personally experienced the nastiness that can occur in Probate Court after a loved one’s death, YES YOU DO NEED AN ESTATE PLAN! If not for yourself, then for those that you leave behind.